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I believe the fundamentals for a successful, fulfilling and happy life are adopting a well balanced and CONSISTENT approach to physical activity and nutrition.

Since becoming a personal trainer I built my own brand along competing as a fitness and bikini model in the ABF, ICN and PCA. Health, fitness and training has always been more of a lifestyle choice for me, rather than a permanent career. It's a lifestyle I love and would recommend to anyone and everyone! Hence why i'm building a brand with the aim to help people find their own health and happiness through fitness and eating well, using a scientific and enjoyable approach. After all it is a #lifestyle.

Training has not only improved me physically but has helped me develop confidence and a love for my body for what it is currently and what it has the potential to be, no matter where I am with my progress. Knowing how fitness and health has improved my mind-set, energy levels, physical strength and eating habits, overall improving my happiness and quality of life it has inspired me to encourage and help others do the same.

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