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Mini Bands (or more populary called 'booty bands') compliment a weight training regime in many ways. 


I love incorporating mini bands into my training routine as not only a tool for activation, an extra form of resistance, but also for glute finishers/ burnouts at the end of a weights session! Making for a killer glute pump!


What you get:

  • 2 Mini Bands (a GREY medium resistance and BLACK heavy resistance) that are as slick as they are effective!
  • A FREE downloadable Guide to using/making the most of your bands.


  • (this will be emailed to you after purchase)

    B.Fitness Personal Trainings' "Bands101" eBook is filled with 20+ different banded exercises you can do. Along with illustrations to demonstrate and step by step instructions for your convenience.


    (Most of these exercises are sure to get your glutes burning and that backside looking peachy). 


    Bell (the bloody legend herself) wanted to create a guide for everyone, something that is easy to access and can be used anywhere at anytime, whether it be in the comfort of your own home, in the gym, outdoors or whilst travelling and on holidays! All you require is a set of our B.Fitness Personal Training Fabric Bands.

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